April 30

This Week’s Lessons…

1. The day one of your students forgets lunch is the day the canteen will be closed. LESSON – Have a snack bag ready.

2. When you risk it and get to school later than normal, that will will be the morning where everything snowballs. LESSON – Hide in your classroom. Lights off!

3. When you find an AWESOME website (Scholastic’s StudyJams) check that it PLAYS ON A MAC. You have made this mistake before. Home PC = Classroom Mac = Stalling time while class get restless. LESSON – Get to school earlier and check before class!

4. Life education rocks. So many good strategies for engaging students from inside Harold’s Van. If only I had carpet walls…sigh. LESSON – Ideas are everywhere.

5. Another successful engagement tool for boys, using Brain Busters… Make it a competition and Voila! Intense Interaction. LESSON – Make More!