February 19

My Classroom 2014

Here are some photos showing how I have set up my room for 2014!



I’ve had big cats and big dogs, so this year I continued my animal theme and went with rare and strange birds for my table groups. This is the second year I have used cups with paddlepop stick points. Saves having to use board space and means I never have to go looking for a whiteboard marker just to give out some points. 



Many teachers at my school use a peg system for Behaviour Management. I used one for years, a ‘behaviour train’, but haven’t been using one for the past few years. My previous peg systems were only negative, so this year I made one with 2 positive options too, so its a reward and consequence system all in one.

In keeping with the bird theme I made this bird puns for each level. I love my first warning “how hawkward!”.



Each day in morning routine we have a word of the day. Then the word is relocated to our Word Wall. I also a  quote of the month. This is a freebie in my TpT store.



I bought this ottoman from Officeworks for $39.00. Its great and everyone comments on it! Inside it is full of our wet weather games. Each morning 2 people sit on it during morning routine. I tend to sit here a lot when I’m reading, as it’s right in front of our class library. 



Here is half of my bookshelf. So many books! Its a Tetris game trying to fit all the boxes in the shelves. I have been using a coloured dot system for years to help sort the books.



More of the bookshelf (there’s even more that you can’t see!) All students need to have a chapter book (from one of the three levels of junior fiction) in the tub on their desk at all times.



My genre posters with glasses. One group a week gets to wear the glasses that match the genre that they are reading. These posters are available through my TpT store



Thinking Hats. I need to find ways to include these more in my teaching. 



Reward charts and Job charts. Typical classroom organisation stuff. 



Some cute Owl themed months of the year that double as birthdays. I bought this from TpT (actually I think it was a freebie!)



Our word wall. Each letter has a different coloured square. 



Half of the class set of tote trays. Coloured backgrounds make the names stand out, especially as this year I went from black writing to white.



Our reading group boxes. Each group is assigned a colour. The leader follows the responsibilities on the front. In the boxes are their reading folders with exercise books, bookmarks, post it notes. In the tub I put the clipboard for that day’s activity.


I have some puzzle fans this year, so I got out the 3 year old perpetual puzzle of Chateau Chambord in France. Maybe this year we will finish it? 




Our table tubs, one for books and journals, one for novels and bookmarks. 




Elton and Betty, two of our computers. Giving them names helps with allocating students and when they report back to me any tech issues ‘Betty isn’t loading’ etc…



The reading corner with ottomans and cushions!



Looking up the back of the room to the sink, my desk and storage areas.