May 4

The Perpetual Puzzle

Something I have always wanted to try with older students is a large 1000 piece puzzle set up somewhere in the room that students could work on throughout the term.

Logistically, it has never worked, space, tidiness, time. But this year I am giving it a go.

How can I use a puzzle with my class?

* Early finishers. TOP TIP – 3 at the puzzle at once MAX!

* Reward time. A quick 5-10 min session at the puzzle to reward specific students throughout the day.

* Chill out time. Someone unsettled, fidgety or moody can have some ‘time out’ at the puzzle.

* Distraction.  If I need to conference a student I may work together with them on the puzzle while we chat. Great way for students to avoid eye contact if they have trouble with face to face conferencing.

Anyone else tried a class puzzle? Any other ideas for implementation?