May 25

Building Confidence versus Saving Trees…

A lot of older students can become harsh critics of themselves when it comes to visual arts. I used to be a ‘one piece of paper only’ teacher, believing that if you let one start again, they all will start again, and that ends up wasting paper. Expensive art paper no doubt. But as a part time artist, how ridiculous! I can recall artworks where I have wasted at least 10 bits of paper before I’m happy with my drawings, sketches, paintings.

I have had several students over the years become so upset at themselves, not being able to produce outstanding, perfect artworks. So I’ve relinquished the position of ‘paper police’, and I let students start again if they want.

So what to do with all those off sheets? Mistake attempts?  If it’s only lead pencil, save them up for balloon painting or sponge painting for book covers. Cut them up and use the reverse for bingo sheets or scrap paper. At least put them in the recycle bin. Then I don’t feel so bad about the wastage. I found a great solution – let students practice the sketch on a small personal whiteboard (PWB) before drawing on the art paper. Art paper saved!

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1 thoughts on “Building Confidence versus Saving Trees…

  1. louiser

    Thanks for that new perspective. I hadn’t thought about relating to what an artist would do. I don’t know why we expect kids to “get it right” first time but it must make the whole experience a little more anxiety-ridden. From now on, I shall share the love with my art paper – in moderation, of course!

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