August 22

There are so many sites out there for teachers now, where you can download and upload everything and anything you’ll ever need as a teacher, from lesson plans, to posters, displays, games, worksheets, presentations and things to help with management and behaviour.

I have some favourites that I’ve used over the years, including enchanted learning, teach this, Sparklebox, TES Australia  and of course Teachers Pay Teachers. Some have account fees and membership deals, some have free membership or free limited membership, some you earn points to allow you to download.

A favourite at the moment is (such a great domain name to snap up!)

The free membership account lets you download 10 single resources a month (not sets or booklets), which is a great way to trial the website out before signing up for a year or monthly membership with more features.

I really like that you can see a preview before you download the resource you want. has well-designed and interesting looking pages (nothing worse than downloading a document that you haven’t been allowed to preview only to find it is in size 10 Times New Roman font)

I’m a fan  (and have reached my 10 limits this month already!).

education 2 education


What are your favourite resource sites for teachers?


September 18

Pinning My Way Into Teacher Heaven

I don’t know about you, but I am loving Pinterest. Originally I loved it for food, fashion, beauty, and then travel, interiors, craft and gardens.

Finally I started loving it for Education!

So many great ideas, endearing and enticing photos, links to all sorts of blogs and websites. Very helpful and inspiring!

I made a board for School Inspiration. With iPads now featured in many schools, the iPad links are great too. As we teachers get super busy during term I find I just pin stuff to my board and then later (usually in holidays!) I can go and search through them properly, click the links and actually take it all in.

Here are some great Education Pinterest boards:

Ipad App Ideas

Educational Ideas

Teaching Reading


Here are some of my favourite educational pins:


July 16

Woodlands Junior School Website

One of the best resources on the internet where you can find games and activities for all topics is the Woodlands Junior School in Kent, UK. On their homepage you will find heaps of links – to the Maths Zone, Literacy Zone, Homework Help Page, as well as links for Science, Geography and History.

Its a great place to start when you are looking for an interactive activity to use during group time or as a whole class on the IWB. The information in the Homework Help section is clearly laid out and easy for students to read, making it a great site for research.

An alternative Australian website is the Get Smart Page at Copacabana Public School’s Website. The Copacabana homepage also has links to a range of Web 2.0 tools and presentations for Smart Notebook software.

Both of these sites are in my Bookmarks, but it’s also easy to get older children to just google ‘woodlands school’ or ‘copacabana public school’.

woodlands jur school