June 6

Spelling Activity Cards

As part of my literacy groups I have a group that works on spelling activities, with their current spelling list.  So what do they do each week? I wanted something fun, engaging, easy to organise, no hours of creating worksheets, simple to mark (if any) and independent.

After trawling the internet and thinking creatively I came up with these Spelling Activity Cards. The group gets the card and equipment, brings their spelling book and Voila! Ready made spelling activity.

There are 42 different activities, most able to be used with classes from Year 1 to 6. At the beginning of the year I use them with the whole class, as a modelling activity. It’s helpful to do this the week before they have to do it independently, especially with younger students.

Here are some images of some of the cards and students completing the different activities.

And here is a link to the actual spelling cards

Spelling Activity Cards

What other ideas do people use to practice spelling?

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4 thoughts on “Spelling Activity Cards

  1. Di

    The spelling ativity cards are FANTASTIC!!!! I can’t wait to use them! Thanks so much for sharing them. I will let you know how they go when I use them in class next term 🙂

  2. missbeavis (Post author)

    They have been a success with 4 classes now, year 1 to 6. Makes my groups run smoothly too as they can be used with any group. Notice the WD kids in the photos? LTB 2008!

  3. Leslie

    I am unable to open the link to the actual spelling cards but they sound amazing and I’d like to try them next year! Is there another way I can get them? Thanks for sharing!

  4. missbeavis (Post author)

    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for the comment. I am now using these cards for the fifth year in a row, still going strong! I’ve sent you an email with the PDF attached. Hope it works!

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